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  • Nachni Pith

    Nachni Peeth (Ragi Flour) is an excellent source of calcium, fibre & energy. We make…
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  • Nachni Sattva

    Nachni Satva is 10 times richer in calcium than other grains. It is highly recommended…
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  • Paneer Masala

    It’s called the Kitchen King as it can add taste to any dish you make…
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  • Pav Bhaji Masala

    Pav Bhaji consists of ‘Pav’, a bun-shaped bread and bhaji, a mixture of mashed vegetables.…
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  • Rajgira Pith

    Rajgira peeth is an ideal source of proteins for vegetarians & is mostly consumed during…
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  • Shengdana Chutney

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  • Thali Pith

    Our special Thalipeeth flour is prepared traditionally by picking the right & top-notch ingredients. Our…
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  • Turmeric Powder

    Turmeric is one of the most famous and commonly used spices in almost every Indian…
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  • Upwas Bhajni Pith

    Our all-natural & healthy fasting flour made & processed traditionally from amaranth, sago & samo…
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  • Vegetable Masala

    It is essential to consume vegetables to have a good and healthy life. Vegetables have…
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